Reminder and Location Change!!

Reminder that there is a HCL Parent Association meeting this evening at 6:30.  The location has changed to 2717 Huron St.  Please come to hear an update on the plans for the HCL program for the upcoming year, express your thoughts and concerns and help strategize about an approach for the upcoming year.  If you can’t make the meeting please feel free to comment below with thoughts and concerns so that we can use those as we discuss how to move forward.

Help Us Let the School Board Know that HCL is Still a Funding Priority

We invite you all to join us at the School Board Meeting this Wednesday May 22 starting at 6.  In this time of budgetary uncertainty we want to let the school board know that our kids are still a priority.  If you would like to speak please arrive by 5:45 to sign up for public comments.  There is a strict 3 minute time limit on all public comments, so please make sure to plan your comments well.  Even if you don’t want to speak please consider coming to show your support.  Thank you and we hope to see you all there.

Here’s Our Ideas … Please Send Us Yours

In these uncertain budgetary times, a group of us were brainstorming no cost or low cost ideas that could be proposed to the district.  Here’s the list that we came up with.  Please send us any other ones that you might have!

1.  Notification of parents if they are the only identified HCL kids in a school with the option to move so they could be in a cluster.
3.  Identifying teachers with good SLP’s and/or average to above average growth to place HCL kids with.
4.  Grade skipping
5.  Curriculum compacting (K-12 … i.e., walk to math)
6.  Cluster grouping (intentional but flexible with area of need)
7.  Having counsellors create 4 year plan early and monitor grades and notify parents if they are ‘failing’
8.  High school mentor in Junior or Senior year
9.  Book club – across schools
10.  Math/Science club – across schools
11.  Penpal from another school